Week 1 – 2: New friends- new challenge

Week 9-10-11: Welcome to our podcast!



This is the first time I have recorded an audio podcast, me and Nghia have responsiblity to plan the script outline and complete detail in week 9. Though we were late a little bit, everything was done before the lesson in week 10.

The script was still not fully done, it was quite long. But today without preparation, we had to read the script in front of class. Some parts were interesting like our character revealed that he read dictionaries in his free time and it just for fun.

We received positive feedback from Simon and it is the sign of good beginning for Assessment 2.

Week 11: Yay! Our podcast was finally done after the short holiday. I just need to focus on the last assessment now.

Our podcast here! Enjoy it!


Week 6: Mission Complete!!!


Today is deadline gor Assessment 1, thanks god, we finally complete. GREAT!

BUT, we have to pick a person to present our newsletter. All members want me to do it and so do I. Although, first, I was so scared, it’s terrible to talk in front of class, especially I didn’t prepare, I thought “I can’t do it”, Thao and Nghia supposed that this was a chance for me to overcome the fear and I also want to challenge myself.

OMG, I was so nervous and with a quavering voice I spoke lower and lower. No one could hear me. “It’s OK, I will start again”.

Everyone applauded, I think they want to encourage me 🙂 I relieved after finishing, I overcame my fear and completed mission.

Click here to view!

Week 5: We nearly finish!!!

After receiving Simon’s suggestion, we redesigned and it’s the fourth time. Our old design used warm colors like red, brown and black as the main tone but he suggested us to change to brighter colors and the concept should be changed.

Thus, we designed a new concept based on Facebook Page. We believed that it would attract audiences high school students because it is familiar to them and it looks original.

Although we had contradictory opinions when working together, finally everything was done. newsleter

This is our first page demo.

It’s cool, right?

Week 4: Another example to inspire you

I found myself in last story – a depressed girl without confidence . During school time, I rarely raise my hand to bring up my point or get so nervous every time I do that. I’m scared of the thought that others always look at me and judge me. I never voice my ideas as I think it may be wrong and it’s so ashamed.

I think many of you have experienced this and felt lost. However, there are some figures that may inspire you and we chose Do Nhat Nam as a symbol of confidence.

We completed finding examples and we have started jumping to evidence, it must be credible. So, we decided to conduct a survey among 100 highschool students in Hanoi based on “Self confidence” questionnaires by University of Stirling and the result will surprise you with 62% STUDENTS have LESS confidence than average level.

This survey took us lots of time, we had to change old questions because it was incredible without any proof. Moreover, we had to send this survey to our friends or acquaintances who have our target ages (highschool students), and posted it on Social Network.

Finally, we had started to design Newsletter since last week, actually, Nghia played the most important role in it and the first draft was completed. However, based on Simon’s feedback, we realized that we need to fix many things:

  1. The color should be brighter, younger because the audiences we aim at is teenagers.
  2. Besides content, we have to add more images to make it look more interesting.
  3. We have to use question with credible resources.

Week 3: A story – a good example


From Simon’s suggestion, we decided to narrow down the topic and focus on “Lack Of Confidence”.

Today is not a good day, I had the flu: fatigue, headache and runny nose and forgot the laptop. 😥 Researching by phone was so boring,  inconvenient and time-consuming

We stared to find images and evidence to use in Newsletter and we needed a negative story for our Newsletter and it’s so great that Thao found an amazing story about  low self- confidence in class which is posted on Facebook with more than 200 shares.

The story was shared by an 18 years old girl in Hai Phong who never dare voice her opinions. According to her status, in history class, even though she had known the answer,  she couldn’t stand up and say what she thought. She didn’t dare express herself just because she afraid of other judgments

Are you similar to this girl?

Week 1 – 2: New friends- new challenge

This is the first semester that I am studying as a Prof. Comm student and the last Monday is the first Making Media class. “The first year in university is going to be full of surprises and joy” I thought and actually, the first day was great. I met new teacher, Simon and heard new friends share their hobbies. It was quite fun and everything was fine till my turn. I had a problem with my voice because I’m afraid of speaking in front of crowd. Simon couldn’t hear me. 😦

I need a team to work with during next 12 weeks but OMG I didn’t know anyone and it was really hard to strike up a conversation with new faces. Fortunately, a friend came and asked me to join his team and another friend wanted to be a part of us. So, a team was set up with 3 members: me, Nghia and Thao (Julie).

We had to choose a social issue for all 3 Assessment: Newsletter, Podcast and Personal Portfolio Webpage.

We worked quite effectively because end of class we picked up a topic “Tips for guys for a date”. It sounds interesting, right? We assumed that it might entertaining and attractive.

HOWEVER, it was replaced in the second week.

We came up with other topic is CONFIDENCE, it is familiar to us and never being boring.